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Money and Mental Health…Why it Matters to Me

I always say that you can’t separate money from gender, money from marriage, money from family, and money from your own health. And so, for World Suicide Prevention Day, I want to take the time to talk to you about how these are all connected by sharing a little bit of my story. 

From $30k in Debt to Quitting a 6-Figure Job with Diania Merriam

Everybody wants to achieve financial freedom, right? In this episode, Diania is going to walk us through how she was able to get out $30k of debt in 11 months and used her newfound financial freedom to save 60% of her income and be on track to be financially independent by the time she’s 40 years old!

My Interview on the REI Clarity Show: Step by Step Building Your Micro Empires

This week I’m going to play for you an interview that I had with my friend Jeremy at the REI Clarity Show because the topics that we covered here are topics that I wish to talk about in this podcast as well. So instead of re-recording, I’ll share this one with you instead and I hope you enjoy this as much. 

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