This year may have been a rough ride, but there are still things that are worth celebrating—you, my listeners. In this episode of Micro Empires Podcast, we will look back at how I transitioned to becoming the captain of my own ship, the things I’ve learned, the people I met, and the things that you’ve taught me through the listener feedback. So let’s end this year with a bang and see what’s in store for 2021!

[00:01 – 3:56] Opening Segment

  • Making it through 2020
    • Brief background of Micro Empires Podcast
      • Taking over the wheel
      • Lessons that were learned
      • The connections that were made along the way

[3:57 – 8:08] Micro Empires Podcast

  • Being organic
    • Delivering messages that are accessible
  • Challenging myself to do more
    • Free e-book
    • Booking an appointment with me
    • More products and services coming in 2021
  • Quick segway to my investment partner: Rocket Dollar
    • Use promo code: MICROEMPIRES to get a discount on the signup fee
  • Shoutout to my Podcast Producers: Streamlined Podcasts
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[8:09 – 12:52] What 2020 has Given Me

  • Ability to ask beyond my comfort zone
    • Asking to be a guest in a show
    • Asking people to guest in Micro Empires Podcast
    • Getting down to nitty-gritty
  • Thinking bigger
    • Getting the word of the show out there
  • I share what I ask people before guesting in my show
  • Being committed to the audience
  • Promoting to act on scale
    • Picking a number that doesn’t terrify me
  • I share how I find my team players
    • Start with people who can identify with you

[12:53 – 14:08] Closing Segment

  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes:

“I am the best captain of my own ship.” – Jennifer Ives Grimson

“Taking control was important and it was the only way I was gonna figure out how to do this, how to drive it, and what was needed from the audience. Letting someone else run that was never gonna get me where I wanted to be.”  – Jennifer Ives Grimson

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