Being a member of the community and being a substantial citizen of the world is the way to creating an impact, but it’s not possible without that one basic thing: better housing.

I welcome Julie Holly from Three Keys Investments to show us what impact investing is, and how her journey has led her to the pursuit of creating this impact. In this journey, she will share this roller coaster ride of hard work, failure, and choosing to rise up and survive from an unhealthy marriage. We will also venture into the idea of turning empty commercial establishments into senior housing.

[00:01 – 9:18] Opening Segment

  • I introduce Julie to the show
    • Quick fun chat
  • Julie’s money culture growing up
    • Roller coaster of feast or famine
    • Working for everything
    • Being a spender and not a saver

[9:19 – 24:08] Julie’s Journey and the Role of Religion

  • Julie talks about how she worked at an early age
  • Being a teacher at 22 years old
    • Moving out for the first time
  • Marrying someone else’s money culture
    • Julie shares how she changed due to her unhealthy relationship
  • How the bad things have influenced Julie’s faith
    • Embracing imperfection and choosing to live
  • Looking back at the rock bottom moments

[24:09 – 33:54] Find Your Freedom

  • Three Keys Investment being based on finding your freedom
  • Shoutout to my Podcast Producers: Streamlined Podcasts
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  • Julie shares how getting rid of fear led her to venture out to real estate investing
  • Helping people find their safety
    • Moving to multifamily: Helping people live the life they want to live

[33:55 – 46:44] Impacting the Community through Business and Podcast

  • Julie walks us through her story of starting a business and a podcast
    • Relentless pursuit of learning
  • How the pursuit of success led to Julie’s podcast
  • Opportunities as a testimony to growing your network
  • Taking the element of “everybody wins” a step further
  • Teaching investors how to create an impact to their community
  • Capital raiser and showing opportunities as Julie’s primary focus
  • Micro empires: Being tied to a variety of pockets

[46:45 – 53:33] Closing Segment

  • I share an idea around the need for Senior Housing
    • Turning empty malls and commercial buildings into senior housing
  • See links below to see more of Julie Holly

Tweetable Quotes:

“Most people don’t talk about their baggage, and that’s where your freedom comes. Your freedom comes with the vulnerability of sharing your story. Your freedom comes when you keep the closet wide open so that it doesn’t get cluttered and disgusting.” – Julie Holly

“In life, everybody gets where they need to go. As long as they’re pursuing it, they’ll get there. So just back off of everybody and let them breathe!” – Julie Holly

“Housing is paramount to someone having the security in order to be a substantial citizen in the world.” – Julie Holly

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