What we need to do as a society is not only support women but elevate them alongside men so we have more role models that other women can look up to.

Welcome back to the Micro Empires Podcast! I’m your host, Jennifer Ives Grimson. Today my guest is Ashley Wilson, founder of Bad Ash Investors, and a talented investor at The Real Estate InvestHer show. She just published the book “The Only Woman In the Room” in which she shares stories with women and how they succeeded in their investing careers.

Let’s dive right in as we talk about women empowerment in the business world.

[00:01 – 19:46] Opening Segment

  • I introduce Ashley Wilson to the show
  • Ashley talks about her background and money culture growing up
    • Struggled financially growing up
    • Driven to be financially free
    • Work smarter, not harder
  • Shares some of her past education and job experiences
    • Medical school
    • Became a temp at a Neuropsychiatry Division
    • Transferred to corporate
    • Glaxosmithkline
    • Became director of global project management
  • Married to a professional athlete
    • Moved over 40 times in 13 years
    • Pushed Ashley to Work from Home
  • Pharmaceutical Company
    • Ashley was in Europe when she launched the company
    • Staffing resources provider for pharmaceutical companies

[19:47 – 32:28] The importance of STEM fields and Tips for Women

  • Ashley talks about the hurdles of being a woman
    • Rate difference between men and women
    • Encouraged careers for women
  • Investing is like building a house
    • The foundation is the understanding of mathematics
    • Support walls are the understanding finance concepts
    • The roof is the ability to invest
  • Ashley shares the challenges she has found whenever she reaches out to women
    • They are at a deficit compared to men which causes reluctancy
    • Women are naturally talented at investing
  • Elevating women alongside men
    • Role models for women
  • Actions to consider
    • Continue to educate yourself
    • Take action. Don’t do nothing
    • Seller financing
  • Self-directed IRA
    • You can invest in things such as art, gold, real estate etc.
  • Partner with smarter people
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[32:29 – 47:37] BiggerPockets and The Real Estate InvestHer

  • Ashley shares how Bigger Pockets has helped her
    • Free content, support, and connections
    • Ashley gives back by providing live content on Bigger Pockets
  • She talks about the contents of her shows
    • Fundamentals of how to build a team
    • How to select a market
  • Teaching is seeing in different perspective
    • It challenges you to harness the information on a whole new level
  • Ashley also writes blog articles for BiggerPockets
  • The Real Estate InvestHer
    • The Only Woman In the Room
    • See links below
  • Ashley and I talk about some of our experiences
    • Grandstanding and how women tend not to do those things
    • Shame in normal aspects of life
    • The more we share, the more we hear “me too”

[47:38 – 55:54] Getting Started in Investing and Best Advice

  • Plan your actions with a calendar
  • Investigate and figure out how to do the action
    • Learn, study, and understand the when’s and how’s and the processes involved
  • Go back to the calendar, work backwards and plan
  • Partner with someone who is accountable and is willing to support you
  • Best advices
    • I switched from being an astrophysicist to a real estate investor when I realized that what I can charge in rent is not dictated by my gender.
    • When expectations don’t match reality there’s a discordance and that discordance leads to frustration.
    • Three C’s: character, capacity, and competency
    • Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you and allow yourself to absorb more strategies

[55:55 – 59:22] Closing Segment

  • How to connect to Ashley
    • See links below
  • Final Words

Tweetable Quotes:

“What we need to do as a society is not only support women but elevate them alongside men so we have more role models that other women can look up to.” – Ashley Wilson

“We’re women. We’re resilient. We’re able to multitask. We are so strong innately that we will be able to figure it out.” – Ashley Wilson

“Someone’s propensity to invest is directly correlated to their comfort” – Ashley Wilson

Resources Mentioned:

If you’d like to connect with Ashley, you can find her on Facebook or you can visit her website www.badashinvestor.com. Check out her book “The Only Woman in the Room” on Amazon and Real Estate InvestHer

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