In a world of the social and political divide, representation for women and people of color is a big step in making a change. Coach, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and activist Sharrona Reaves believes that women could dominate the world given that we’ve got each other’s backs.

In this episode, Sharrona Reaves will walk us through her journey from being a coach to an advocate for women. She will share with us the struggles of divorce, being a woman, and how she got through all of those with the help of other women.

[00:01 – 10:57] Opening Segment

  • Listener feedback with Iris
    • Slowing down and focusing on the day ahead
    • Connecting with people through various means
  • I introduce today’s guest, Sharrona Reaves
  • Sharrona talks about her money culture and background
    • Grew up in a good work ethic environment
  • Sharrona’s career path and experiences
    • Coaching job as her first job

[10:58 – 20:00] Being a woman in the Sports Industry

  • Sharrona shares her experiences in coaching
    • Moving to various states
  • Athletic administration
    • Compliance: Rules and regulations
  • Sharrona shares the time she finally went back to coaching
    • Number one ESPN recruiter in the country
  • Sharrona talks about the expectations in her field
    • Having and not having a family in the 90’s versus now
  • Being passionate about anything that you do
    • People appreciate passionate people

[20:01 – 36:15] The Married and Post-Divorce Life

  • Conflict in work ethic
    • Sharrona shares how she carried her married life
    • The importance of having a conversation about money
  • Sharrona shares the struggle of starting over after a divorce
    • Coping and adjusting to the divorced life
  • Forgiving yourself: a mindset shift
    • Sharrona talks about how forgiving herself got her back on the road
    • Getting the job back
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  • Considering the money culture in dating
    • Sharrona expresses the importance of having a common work ethic with a partner
  • Foundation of These Three Things
    • All about passion, work ethic, and women empowerment

[36:16 – 53:35] Women Supporting Women

  • Sharrona shares how religion has helped her
    • People as signs on the way
  • Sharrona expresses her appreciation to the women she met
  • It’s doesn’t matter what the genre is; it’s about the message
  • What is next?
    • To see These Three Things to various cities and host conferences, workshops, etc.
    • Create an atmosphere of trust among women
  • Importance of women coming together and how there’s room for everybody
  • Sharrona’s best advice
    • Trust your instinct
    • Living in the “deep down”

[53:36 – 57:24] Closing Segment

  • How to connect to Sharrona
    • See links below
  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes:

“Society doesn’t teach or train us to live in the deep down. Society teaches us and trains us that  you get an education, you get a good job, stay on the job, pay your bills, and take care of your family. It doesn’t always teach us to live your dream. Living deep down is where your joy is.” – Sharrona Reaves

“Relationships with women is something that I have always been super passionate about because I feel too many times, we don’t value our relationships with each other. And I think that If women could ever grab hold of that fact, together, we could run this world.” – Sharron Reaves

Resources Mentioned:

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