The investing world has a lot of jargon and terms that may seem daunting for the first-timer, but in today’s episode of Micro Empires, John Fortes will walk us through the different processes in investing. As the founder of The Fortes Company, John has helped families find opportunities in passive wealth and financial security. He also hosts his podcast called “The Passive Investor Show” where he discusses the different areas and nuances of investing in real estate. Let’s jump right in and learn how to be financially secured!

[00:01 – 14:26] Opening Segment

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  • I introduce John Fortes to the show
  • John’s money culture growing up
    • Save everything you have for a rainy day
    • Buy the best quality
  • Evolution of John’s money mindset
    • Raising money one time and buying real estate again and again

[14:27 – 26:45] John’s Turning Point in Investing

  • Joining a mastermind group and meeting people
  • Investing in a bunch of assets
  • Fund of fund vs. fund of real estate
  • John’s ideal investors
  • Minimum and maximum investment
  • The steps in investing

[26:46 – 33:14] Self-directed IRA vs. Cash

  • Sharing tax benefits through depreciation and cost segregation studies
  • Distributions go in as proceeds, not contributions
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  • K1 as cost-segregation benefit from investment

[33:15 – 40:58] Diversification and Deploying a 1031

  • Diversification as a safety mechanism when a deal goes ineffective
  • Beating inflation at 1% at a time
  • John talks about their focus on apartments
  • John talks about how he realized coaching

[40:59 – 48:47] Wealth as Time and Options

  • Wealth as means to get you where you want to be
  • Time as the most valuable asset
  • Creating a criteria of deals
  • The effect of money culture on John’s family

[48:48 – 53:40] Closing Segment

  • How to connect with John
    • See links below
  • Final words
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Tweetable Quotes:

“When you’re young, you don’t listen to what people say until you actually go through it.” – John Fortes

“The investor doesn’t see what we invest. We just give them case studies from the previous opportunities that we had.” – John Fortes

“Time is the most valuable asset we all have, it’s not money.” – John fortes

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