There is a  saying in prison that goes “you can do the time, or you can let the time do you.”. Mike Morawski did more than his time’s worth and has accomplished so much more.

Welcome back to the Micro Empires podcast! Today, I welcome back Mike Morawski to dive deeper into the stories and turning points that he experienced inside the prison. This transitional phase really was a dark time, but Mike will share the people that have helped him pivot to who he is today. This includes books, ethics courses, case studies, and many more. His life in prison has taught him so much so let’s dive in and learn the kindness you can find in the darkest of places.

[00:01 – 7:59] Opening Segment

  • A quick recap of what happened the last episode
    • Go and listen to part 1 if you haven’t!
  • Mike shares the events before and during the imprisonment
    • The effects to his children and ex-wife

[08:00 – 16:05] The Prison Experience

  • I talk about how the entire family suffers when one goes to prison
    • The lack of humanity in federal prisons
  • Mike shares his initial thoughts
    • Your life goes on without you
    • The effects of being in prison on a person

[16:06 – 22:16] Finding the Kindness: The Pivotal Point

  • Doing the time
    • Mike shares a story of when a man pursued him to go to the gym
  • Going to college and getting a bachelors in theology
  • Writing books and courses
    • Exit plan
    • An ethics course
    • Ethical Case Study
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[22:17 – 34:20]  Mike’s Ethics and Case Studies

  • Mike shares the effects of being in prison on his ethics
  • How one bad decision could drastically change your life
  • Getting out of prison and entering the pandemic
  • Ethics and breaking the law

[34:21 – 38:39] Closing Segment

  • See links below to connect with Mike

Tweetable Quotes:

“You can do the time, or you can let the time do you.” – Mike Morawski

“You are faced with decisions every day that will affect the rest of your life. One bad decision, it changes like that.” – Mike Morawski

“Just because you act ethically doesn’t mean you break the law. But enough on ethical actions will cause you to break the law.” – Mike Morawski

Resources Mentioned:

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