What benefit do you get from playing it small?

Welcome to another episode of Micro Empires Podcast season 3! In today’s episode, I will be talking about the dangers of playing it small and how it actually hurts us instead of serving us. I will also be sharing some stories of people from the community who shifted from playing it small, to playing it big, and how this shift not only affected themselves as an individual, but also affected the people they’re surrounded with.

Be sure to tune in until the end because I will also let you in on some very doable practices that you can try to start playing big as well!

[00:01 – 3:43] Opening Segment

  • Welcome to Micro Empire’s!
  • I introduce today’s topic
  • I share a quote that encompasses our topic for today

[3:44 – 9:31] Why Playing Small is Hurting Us

  • Playing small affects other people
    • Do it for yourself or for the people around you
  • It takes lesser energy to be around people who takes up their own space
  • What is the fear behind playing it big?
  • I share stories of playing it big from the community

[9:32 – 23:57] How Playing Big Worked For Me

  • I share my own story of playing big
  • I talk about being worried about other people’s comfort level
  • Shoutout to my podcast producers: Streamlined Podcasts
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  • Work with an accountability partner
    • Speak it into existence
    • Introduce other people the way I see them
    • Share it on socials
  • Feeling resistance means you are close to something important

[23:58 – 25:01] Closing Segment

Tweetable Quotes:

“If it feels safe, it’s probably not the right path. But if it’s scary, then it probably is. The degree of resistance you have is probably proportionate to the amount of power that’s waiting to be unleashed on the other side.” -\Jennifer I. Grimson 

“That’s how we grow–by swinging outside our comfort zone.” -Jennifer I. Grimson 

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