Imagine striving to be good at one thing your whole life, and then that suddenly disappears. What now? 

In today’s episode of Micro Empires, Hillary Seiler will show us how she helps former athletes transition into new careers and manages their finances. As a professional financial educator and coach, she will share how she causes ripples of impact that push these athletes in the right direction. Money culture plays a big role as well in her methods and training programs. With that, let’s jump right in!

[00:01 – 12:29] Opening Segment

  • I introduce Hillary to the show
  • Hillary’s money culture growing up
    • Pursuing sports vs. having a job
    • Talking about ideas and money
    • Hillary talks about the effects and the implications of her mom getting sick
  • Are college degrees really that important?

[12:30 – 22:04] Getting into the Athletic World

  • Hillary shares how being a dancer led to the NFL
    • Saving $100,00 a year
    • Helping athletes in their finances with educational tools
  • Personalities and traits of athlete management

[22:05 – 27:50] The Relationships that Hillary Builds 

  • Trusting each other
    • Being a person factor
    • Hillary’s team having experience in the finance world
  • Causing a ripple effect and making bigger impacts
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[27:51 – 39:27] Life After the NFL World

  • Hillary shares some data about what usually happens to athletes after their careers
    • A complete shift in life
    • Effects on married couples
  • The discipline of professional athletes and how this translates to the world outside of sports
  • Helping athletes transition to other careers
  • Talking about budgeting to athletes
    • Budget as a financial strategy

[39:28 – 48:55] Role of Money Culture to Hillary’s Clients

  • Hillary talks about how fear and scarcity mindset plays a role in Money culture
  • Learning people’s money culture on a deeper level
    • How they are introduced to money
  • How managing money matters regardless of how wealthy you are
  • Personalities that excel in Hillary’s program
    • Caring about the finances
    • Knowing and sticking to the training program
    • Exercises that improve mental health

[48:56 – 54:12] Closing Segment

  • See links below to connect with Hillary
  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes:

“You can make money without a degree.” – Hillary Seiler

“There’s not a lot of money on education. It is watching that guy say ‘I get it’. That’s why we do it.” – Hillary Seiler

“Everything starts with your budget. If you don’t know where your money is going, and you’re not paying attention, you’re not building wealth.” – Hillary Seiler

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