Fear. It can paralyze us. But, it can also force us to act.

In this solo episode, I will share with you how one incident has taught me how to overcome fear and act in the situation. Plus, an incredible letter from a listener with the most inspiring story! Lastly, I will share my thoughts on having a plan B and how it is completely unrelated to you valuing and believing in yourself.

[00:01 – 2:11] Opening Segment

  • Introduction to the solo episode
  • How fear keeps us from progress

[2:12 – 12:57] The Ski Hill Story

  • I tell a story of when me and my kids got stuck in the snow
    • Alone with the kids without cellphone service and winter clothes
  • Fear can cause us to not move forward and just wait
    • Acting now and using what I had
    • Relevance of this in investing
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[12:58 – 25:14] Listener Feedback

  • Letter from Mariah
    • Having the courage to reach out and give feedback
    • Being protective and proud of your empire
  • Round table shows in the future!
  • Having a plan B
    • Valuing and believing in yourself
    • Putting yourself first

[25:15 – 27:21] Closing Segment

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  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes:

“Fear keeps us from making that initial step: making the first investment, buying the first  property, leaving the job, getting married, getting divorced, whatever it might be.” – Jennifer Ives Grimson

“You should always entertain that maybe right now is the right time. And what you have to work with right now is exactly what you need.” – Jennifer Ives Grimson

“You can make a micro empire out of being a stay-at-home mom. Be protective and proud of that.” – Jennifer Ives Grimson

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