Welcome back to Micro Empires Podcast! I’m your host, Jennifer Ives Grimson. Today I will be sharing with you about my experience with racial disparity and upheaval, throughout my life and how it affects me lately.

This episode was originally recorded just after the murder of George Floyd on May 25, 2020.  I wasn’t sure what or if I could contribute anything to the discussion about systemic racism and brutality in our society.  But, I felt compelled to, at the very least, share what and how my life has been exponentially improved because of my relationships with POC.  

Let’s jump right into this episode and find out what we could do to improve the current circumstances. 

[00:01 – 01:30] Opening Segment

  • I talk briefly about what this episode is all about

[01:30 – 06:26] Minorities and Discrimination 

  • I share my experience with people in minority and discrimination
    • Women, LGBT, and people of colors
    • How I was drawn to these people
    • Being Welcome by the minority group
  • Pursuing amazing friendships and relationships
    • Skin color and sexual identity does not matter
    • Content of their character 
  • I talk about Systemic Racism in our country
    • Discrimination does exist around us
  • I share my experience being a minority
    • When I just move to California  and being a minority in my former school
    • Studied international relations and Russians
    • Went and lived in a communist country

[07:25 – 22:50]  Inclusion and Diversity 

  • I share some examples of the kindness I received from other people of color
  • Going to an African-American Majority church and being accepted 
  • My experience being protected by a black man while I was putting oil in my car in East Nashville
  • I talk about my experience when I was helped by a neighbor that is a person of color, regardless of how I look 
  • I share the story of my friend Lisa, a person of color, and how I was accepted and loved by her and her family
    • The norm of the relationship that I always have with the people of color
  • My friend Chrystal and her act of strength
    • How she teaches her children that most white people are good people, but you don’t really know until you get to know somebody 
    • Go out to the world, assuming that everyone is good, but giving it some time until you get to know somebody
    • The direct racism that she experiences and how it made her did not feel safe
  • The story about my other friend Nashville friend, Tommy, and how we protect his son from seeing a swastika flag across my house
    • How he and his family have added so  much value to my life
  • I talk about the priceless opportunity I had to interview a lot of amazing women of color on my podcast
    • How amazing and incredible their story is.
  • Mignon Francois, How I admirer the way she lives her life and the message that she brings
  • Lesley Batson, an incredibly talented and motivated woman.
    • She has the courage to put together a group of people of all color talk have a conversation about discrimination
  • I talk about Tella Holcomb, with her passion to make people understand about the stock market in a plain English
  • Amanda Abella, an incredible woman who has been helping millennials create success with work and money

[22:50 – 29:20] I am not A Safe Haven for the Narrow-Minded 

  • I share about my latest revelation and realization this week
    • How I am not doing enough and being vocal enough to against racism 
  • I am not A Safe Haven for the Narrow-Minded
    • Realize that there is a problem with racism around us
    • Being a resource to anyone who needs more information
  • How I need to double down my support for women of color
    • How to help other women
    • Support and 
  • Seek more meaningful relationships with people outside of our bubble 
  • See every person as a human first, knowing that they’re a human before any demographic 
  • Actively seeking more guest who can talk about financial independence from the point of view of the people of color
    • Looking sponsors that want to partner and help produce series that talks about money culture, race, gender, marriage, and single
  • I talk about the statistic of discrimination against women, people of colors, and minorities in financial

[29:21 – 31:27] Closing Segment

  • I talk about the invitation if you want to broaden your scope , open your heart and mind to the people that have a different background of you.
    • It will open your mind and heart
    • Making you a better person 
  • I express my gratitude for the people who have welcome and love me and my family
  • Final words from me

Tweetable Quotes:

“Seek more meaningful relationships with people outside of our bubble and see every person as a human first, knowing that they’re a human before any demographic .” – Jennifer Ives Grimson

“Teach your children to go out to the world, assuming that everyone is good, but giving it some time until you get to know somebody .” – Jennifer Ives Grimson

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