Have you ever thought of having date nights with your money? In today’s episode we have Nicole Iacovoni share how she was able to develop a healthy relationship with money by going on financial date nights with it!  Nicole has 17 years of experience in psychology as a licensed psychotherapist and has spent most of her career in private practice providing individual and couple’s therapy to clients. Eventually, she took what she learned as a therapist and entrepreneur to help other women build businesses that are fun, successful, and make a positive impact in the world. All while helping them create money, freedom, and joy in their lives.

Be sure to tune in until the end because Nicole is going to walk us through how she went from being afraid of money, to having an almost romantic relationship with it. We are also going to be joined by a very special guest, Kelly Parsons, one of our listeners who agreed to be on the show and receive some live financial therapy. I hope you enjoy this episode!

[00:01 – 11:52] Opening Segment

  • I welcome everyone to the show
  • I introduce our guests Nicole Iacovoni
  • Nicole’s money culture
    • Have to work hard to get money
    • Tied self worth to her productivity
  • Nicole shares a little about her background
    • Fell in love with social work
    • Made a job for herself
    • Made the mistake of growing too fast
    • Applied framework in couple’s therapy to her relationship with money

[11:53 – 21:08] Money and Dating

  • Treating money like romantic relationships
  • Having date nights with money and making it fun
  • Approaching money with curiosity instead of judgment
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  • Making money a priority and changing the feelings toward it
  • Importance of working on the psychological and emotional aspect of money
  • Started offering Money Therapy
    • Working on the emotional side of money
    • Improving oney relationships
  • Empowering women by making money pleasurable

[21:09 – 21:08] Money and Dating

  • I welcome our special guest, Kelly Parsons
  • Kelly shares about her money problem
    • Shares about her pivot back to grad school
    • Dealing with Impostor Syndrome
  • Integrating two skill sets
  • Our money is in some way tied to our self worth
  • Knowing your worth and charging your worth

[31:52 – 33:32] Closing Segment

  • Stay tuned for the next episode for Part 2
  • Connect with our guest through the links below
  • Final Words

Tweetable Quotes:

“I would schedule weekly money dates for about an hour each week. I would make them sort of fun and flirty, like something I looked forward to instead of something I would dread. And then that would be a time where I approached my money with curiosity, not judgment.” – Nicole Iacovoni

“In my opinion, what it means to be an expert is that you have awareness of how little you know, and how much more there is to learn. Whereas a novice thinks they know more than what they actually do.” – Nicole Iacovoni 

Connect with Nicole through here website www.nicoleiacovoni.com!

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