Welcome to Part 2 of the Live Financial Therapy Sessions with Nicole Iacovoni. In this episode, we are going to dive deeper into acknowledging Impostor Syndrome, understanding fear, and having the right to take up our own space and being our own advocate. Let’s dive in!

[00:01 – 01:28] Opening Segment

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[01:29 – 28:19] Dealing with fear and Impostor Syndrome

  • Impostor Syndrome is great because it is serving a purpose
    • You want to examine it
    • It shows that you care about other people
    • Don’t let it stand between you and your potential
  • Fear keeps us alive
    • Treat is as a guide
    • Don’t make it an obstacle
  • Asking yourself if you are a fraud proves that you are not
    • You have the awareness and you’re asking the right question
  • I share my story about Impostor Syndrome
  • Remind yourself that you are an expert in a million things
    • Write down everything that you have done
  • Women in general find it difficult to charge because of patriarchy
    • We were taught to be nurturing and selfless
    • People are paying for the whole package, not just for your service
    • They are paying for you–your experiences, your knowledge, personality
  •  We were taught our entire lives to bury fear
    • Fear is related to trauma
    • Inheriting generational trauma
    • Financial trauma exists and we need to dig in there
    • Financial stress affects every part of your life
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  • Letting go for fear related to money
  • Recognizing money beliefs that no longer serve us
    • Having the right to take up space and being your own advocate

[28:20 – 31:26] Closing Segment

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  • Final Words

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“We don’t want to eliminate it [Impostor Syndrome], we just want to be aware of it and explore what’s there.”  – Nicole Iacovoni

“It’s really hard for women to charge money for their gifts, and their skills and their service. Because you know, patriarchy and all has taught us that women are supposed to be giving and nurturing and selfless.” – Nicole Iacovoni

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