Athlete, attorney, author…. and my husband.  Stu Grimson details how hard work and education helped drive him to create a career in the NHL for 14 years and then to pivot when he retired at 37. In the NHL, he was regarded as one of the fiercest enforcers that earned him the nickname “The Grim Reaper”.  We talk about Money Culture, dating in midlife, developing skills to serve you, and how to speak to your partner about money.

[00:01 – 19:05] Opening Segment

  • I introduce Stu Grimson to the show
  • Stu talks about his background and money culture growing up
    • Grew up in a farm
    • Living within your means
    • Greatly influenced by his parents
  • Entering NHL at a young age
  • Stu talks about his experiences being a farm boy
  • Ability to reinvent yourself
    • Continued to keep up with education knowing that hockey would end
    • Education as a fundamental building block
  • Stu’s take on taking risks and owning mistakes
    • Be bold and brash
    • Be humble enough to self examine
  • The Dave Brown incident
    • Stu talks about his experiences and the things he learned from Dave Brown
  • The Carolina Contract
    • Stu shares a story when he signed a deal with the Carolina Hurricanes

[19:06 – 33:58] Financially Independent Couples

  • Stu talks about his partner preferences
    • Somebody I really liked
    • Somebody who is financially independent
  • I talk about my views on financial stability when dating
    • Level of conservatism on money spending
  • Stu expresses how money cultures should be a commonality between couples
  • Stu talks about the impact of having a law degree
    • Opportunity to choose from a broad range of opportunities
  • The Importance of public speaking
    • Will be used in everything we do and will serve us well
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[33:59 – 51:04] Money Talks in Marriage

  • What’s yours isn’t all mine
    • have independent resources
    • Build a life of assets as a married couple
  • Prenuptial agreement
    • Opportunity to hash out the fears in married couples
    • Communicate and work through the concerns
  • Steps for couples to take
    • Keep the end goal in mind and know what financial independence is
      • Stu and I talk about our interpretations on financial independence
    • Divide and conquer
      • Share the work and the cost
  • Finding where the strengths lie in couples
    • Partnership is about working together
  • I talk about the strategies I use when in crisis
    • The 10-10-10 strategy

[51:05 – 53:05] Closing Segment

  • Final Words

Tweetable Quotes:

“We’re all wired in different ways. But at the end of the day, if we envision that we’re going to go on in our lives, we have to be equal parts brash and willing to be bold enough to take on something.” – Stu Grimson

“If I can get over the baddest beat that a person in my situation can sustain, then I really have nothing left to fear.” – Stu Grimson

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