Everybody should have a voice. No matter who you are or where you come from, we should all have the right to tell our story.

Welcome back to the Micro Empires Podcast! I’m your host, Jennifer Ives Grimson. In this episode, I interview the VP of Podcaster Relations for Libsyn, Rob Walch.  He is also the Co-Author of Tricks of the Podcasting Masters. With a deep passion for podcasts and the democratization of audio, he’s an expert in the industry with 16 years of experience under his belt.

Let’s dive right in as we talk about the deeper meaning behind podcasts and how to monetize it.

[00:01 – 07:39] Opening Segment

  • I introduced Rob to the show and talk about how we met
    • My bad experience with the RSS feed
  • Rob talks about the first thing people should know when they got into Podcasting
    • RSS feed is the core and soul of your show
    • If they control your feed, they also control your audience
  • Rob talks about Libsyn
    • Giving podcasters freedom and creative liberty

[06:30 – 15:45] The Passion for Podcasts

  • Rob talks about the beginning of his Podcasting journey
    • 16 years in the industry
    • The first podcast about podcasting
    • Turn podcasting from a hobby into a fulltime job
    • Got a job offer from Lybsin
  • Rob shares about the working-culture of Libsyn
    • Everybody in the company is passionate about podcasting
    • No bandwagoning
    • Democratization of audio
    • Accessible to everyone
  • Shares the reality of the situation, not the hype of the situation
    • He shares the story of how some people lied about their numbers

[15:45 – 19:30] Monetize your Podcast

  • Rob talks about having the right reasons to start a podcast
    • Don’t start to jump into the podcast just for the money
  • You have to get to a certain level to be able to monetize your podcast.
  • Most people who make money from podcasting do not make it from advertising
    • Promote your brand and yourself as a speaker
    • Building a reputation in a certain market
    • Advertising is the smallest percentage of monetization
  • Rob talks about finding your Niches on Podcast
    • You can make more money with good podcast content, not huge audiences
    • Your Niches are not the issues
  • Know the values in your Podcast
    • Determines by the content, not the money it makes
  • Quick shoutout to my Podcast Producers: Streamlined Podcasts
    • Use promo code: jives and get a discount

[20:30 – 40:09] Family and Community

  • Rob shares about his family situation and how he got to Nashville
  • Rob talks about the importance of finding the right school for your children
  • How sports could affect the development of people
  • Rob talks about the “Y’all bucket” he has at home
  • The community in Nashville
    • How Network is playing a significant role in achieving more
  • Rob talks about the community he built and ran in Kansas City
  • Rob shares about the effect of COVID-19 in his daily life
    • False alarm of the symptoms
  • Rob talks about his experience with the hockey game events

[40:10 – 44:50] Closing Segment

  • How to learn more about Libsyn and Podcast from Rob?
    • See the links below for his email and website.
  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes:

“Democratization of audio was it and everybody should have a voice. No matter who they are, they all should have the same opportunity.” – Rob Walch

“Share the reality of the situation, not the hype of the situation.” – Rob Walch

“If you are getting podcasting because it is something that you are passionate about or you want to build a brand and reputation in a certain market, that is a great reason to start.” – Rob Walch

Resources Mentioned:

If you’d like to connect with Rob, you can find him on  Linkedin and email him at rob@libsyn.com to know more about podcasting or Libsyn.

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