How do we create conditions for people to do things that they never thought was possible for them to thrive and reach their true potential?

Welcome back to the Micro Empires Podcast! I’m your host, Jennifer Ives Grimson. In this episode, I interview the founder of SheEO and #radical generosity, Vicki Saunders. She is a Canadian entrepreneur, author, award-winning mentor, and change maker.

She has created a network of 3,000+ women across four countries who felt called to create a better world for female entrepreneurs and positive transformation in the world with her heart for people.

Let’s dive right in as we talk about redesigning a system to support women through radical generosity.

[00:01 – 07:39] Opening Segment

  • I introduced Vicki to the show and talk about how we met
  • I share some of  Vicki’s amazing current project
  • Vicki tells us about her background and her money culture she grew up in
    • Grew up in a middle-class family
    • Moved to a farm in the country when she was 9
    • Abundance scarcity flow and financial instability
  • Vicky shares a story about how having three brothers in an entrepreneurial family affected her
    • Her parents were very entrepreneurial
    • Started with a strawberry farm
    • Innovation from the family dinner discussion
    • Community spirited
  • You don’t have to have money to get people to be excited about things.

[07:00 – 12:54] Red Threads to be the Catalyst of Entrepreneurship

  • Vicki talks about her journey and seven different ventures that got her to where she is now
    • Following the energy of what she was curious about next
    • Starting new things
  • Vicky shares her unlocking moment
    • She was in Prague, Eastern Europe right after the wall fell
    • The excitement of being free to do anything
    • Got to reinvent herself
    • Be the catalyst for entrepreneurship at home
  • Vicki talks about the result of the winner takes it all mentality.
    • Almost everything has to be redesign, tweak, and change
    • The manipulation of our system, the monopolies of everything
    • We can do so much better.
  • How do we create a thriving, excellent life and sustaining society?
    • Re-think of how we do things
    • It can be uncomfortable to change
    • Creating a positive change

[12:55 – 23:59] SheEo and the shift of business narrative

  • Vicki talks about SheEO
    • The experiment to try a completely new approach
    • Funded 68 amazing women ventures across the world
  • Together we can change anything, but if we are isolated and separate, we’re toast
  • We are not here to serve the economy; the economy is here to serve us
  • Vicki talks about the concept of SheEO
    • Social Entrepreneur; businesses with a high and positive impact on the society
    • She explains impact investing
  • The shift of business narratives in the world
    • Focus on community
    • Get a better result
  • Vicky talks about how SheEo runs
    • 100 women/country and contribute $1100
    • Go online and vote
    • Discovering new unique ideas together
    • Funding at tuition with loyalty points
  • The online community that helps each other across countries
    • Build more relationships
    • Global connections
    • The Yield is triple-digit revenue growth

[24:00 – 33:05] Redesigning a system to support women

  • Quick shoutout to my Podcast Producers: Streamlined Podcasts
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  • Vicki talks about the system that we are living in
    • Not designed for women to thrive
    • Creating a system to support women
    • We are not here to win. We are here to transform
  • Building a community with the speed of trust
    • Trust happens at the speed of relationships
  • New Innovations need to have diversity of thought and collective intelligence
    • Diversity in culture, race, and ages
  • Vicki talks about the application process of SheEO that defies the current culture
    • Asking applicants “Why you and why now?”
    • Ten simple questions in the form
    • No pitch deck, no attachment, and no jargon
    • Heart-centered
    • Gets personalized feedback from every voter
    • Find Funders and advisors just by applying

[33:06 – 40:19] Radical Generosity

  • Changing the environment to help people to thrive
    • Develop emotionally and reach our potential
    • The environment that will stimulate great innovations
    • Changing the vocab into warm and caring words for success
  • Generosity is the unlocking factor
    • Generous people give some space for imperfections and growth
  • Vicki talks about her mothers’ influence in her life
    • Deeply demonstrated how important caring is in human development
    • Super hardcore yet loving and kind
    • Goddess of lists and organized
    • Pass down the strength of a great women

[40:20 – 43:35] Closing Segment

  • How to learn more?
    • See links below for our website
    • Monthly open calls to experience radical generosity and get a chance in
    • Applications will be available on the website
    • No matter what’s your background and age, you can be the activator
  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes:

“You don’t have to have money to get people to be excited about things..” – Vicki Saunders.

“Innovation needs to have diversity of thought and collective intelligence.” – Vicki Saunders.

“We are not here to serve the economy, the economy is here to serve us.” – Vicki Saunders

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