Sports could be wild and exhilarating especially in the field, but its business side could be equally as fun and educational.

Welcome to the last episode of Micro Empires season 2! In today’s show, I’ll be talking with the vice president, player development, and marketing manager of Neostar Football, Yves Batoba. Yves has worked with various teams such as the Miami Dolphins, but today we will focus on how he transitioned away from the game and to his micro empires. He will also talk about how money culture affects athletes, and how he is helping them reach their full potential.

[00:01 – 12:34] Opening Segment

  • I introduce Yves to the show
  • Yves’s money culture growing up
    • Growing up in a third world country
    • Saving for the rainy day
  • Giving up security and comfort for the American dream
  • How the pandemic tested our foundations

[12:35 – 24:30] The Football Journey

  • Yves shares how he got introduced to football
  • Getting a scholarship from a football team
  • Learning how to be helpless
  • The plan B: getting into the student-athlete committee and the business aspect of sports
    • How identity foreclosure played a role in Yves’ decisions
  • Getting to see the marketing side and the comprehensive development of athletes
  • Shoutout to my Podcast Producers: Streamlined Podcasts
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[24:31 – 41:40] Yves’s Micro Empires

  • Being let go as an opportunity to expand relationships
    • Chance to see the full potential of your skillset
  • Personality assessments
    • Staying true to yourself
  • Yves talks about how his podcast, “Good (Yves)ning” came about
  • Yves shares some experiences he had with wholesaling
    • Little risk and very educational

[41:41 – 45:37] Closing Segment

  • See links below to see more of Yves
  • The importance of knowing your core values
  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes:

“Whenever you’re a part of a team, people are telling you what time you have to be somewhere, how to dress when you get there… from an operational standpoint, it’s great for the team. Unfortunately for the individual, you never have to actually stop and think about that for yourself.” – Yves Batoba

“If the man’s not right, then the player’s not gonna be right.” – Yves Batoba

“People don’t actually take the time to actually do the self-work. Figuring out what your core values are, that’s what allows you to make quick decisions” – Yves Batoba

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