Welcome back to the Micro Empires Podcast! I’m your host, Jennifer Ives Grimson. Today I had the pleasure of speaking with the incredible Amanda Abella. She is an award-winning content creator, keynote speaker, and business coach who specializes in helping business owners make more money. Her work has been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, Business Insider, Univision, and many more.

Amanda is also an Amazon bestselling author of “Make Money Your Honey” and has created a community of over 60,000 people across social media channels. She has been helping others to develop a relationship with their personal finances and guiding them on how to better manage their money.

In this episode, we will get inspired by her amazing journey and her amazing mindset of money.

[00:01 – 11:19] Opening Segment

  • I introduce Amanda to the show and how we met
  • Amanda talks about her background and her family
    • She shares her struggles as an immigrant family
    • She talks about the grit and resilient she was got from her family
  • Amanda talks about how she enters the entrepreneurship in 2010
    • She had to take a medical leave of absence on college
    • Graduated and could not find a job
    • Starts a business

[11:20 – 23:19] Find a problem to fix and be Rejection proof

  • Amanda shares how she survived and keep pushing on her business during the pandemic
    • Uplevel and get out of your own feelings and emotion
    • Took time to shift and focus on the process in advance
    • Be preventive and make the system investment
  • Amanda shares about how we can survive and prosper during this pandemic
    • Find the problem to fix
    • Be the solution to someone else’s problem
  • there’s no such thing as failure, learn how to do it better or learn how to Pivot
  • Be rejection-proof
  • Don’t make any decision that triggered by emotions
  • Freedom doesn’t come from money, it comes from your skillset

[23:20 – 35:45] The Language of Money

  • What is financial independence and wealth means to you
  • Be comfortable to discuss and talk about money
  • The language of money issue among millennials
  • The shifting of money,
    • The survival mode
    • Passive income
    • Change the idea of help
    • Don’t be afraid of failure
    • Don’t seek validation of other people
  • Conserving vs Expanding
    • Business dept
    • Manipulation of money
    • leveraging credit

[35:46 – 47:37] The importance of Connections and Mentoring programs

  • The importance of connections
  • Amanda talks about how she started to write Make money your honey book
    • Connections and the power of talking to people
  • How people can reach to her website coaching
  • Amanda talks about her main offerings
    •  Mentorships and coaching in sales, marketing and branding
  • Marketing vs sales
  • Amanda talks about her mentors in the sales process, system, and team
    • Michael Burt
    • Gina Devee
    • David Nagle

[47:38 – 55:45] The Courage to Pivot and Learn

  • Infinite possibilities and options
  • Not Putting your security in money
  • Surrounding yourself with those who got the same mindset
  • Amanda talks about her book club
  • Amanda talks about Grant Cardone
    • Take the values of people
    • Take efforts and make yourself better than everyone else

[55:46 – 01:04:53] Closing Segment

  • What’s to focus on, especially in this situation
    • Don’t try to fix the entire world
    • There’s always money out there, it’s just a matter of us getting over our own Egos, conditioning our own preconceived notions and then we can have it
    • Take this time to reset and figure out how you want to live
  • Getting the CEO mindset
    • Think bigger and plant the seed
    • Ask a better question and have the authorship over your life
  • Final words from me

Tweetable Quotes:

“there’s no such thing as failure, learn how to do it better or learn how to Pivot .” –  Amanda Abella

“There’s always money out there, it’s just a matter of us getting over our own egos, conditioning our own preconceived notions, and then we can have it.” –  Amanda Abella

“Plant the seed and think bigger, it makes all the difference. ”  –  Amanda Abella

Resources Mentioned:

If you’d like to connect with Amanda you can find her on Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram. Or you can visit her website on https://www.amandaabella.com/.

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