Traveling is one of the most longed-for luxuries in the world for it not only takes you to a different place but also different cultures with different people and different socio-economic status. Open your worldview in today’s episode with Maurice Philogene as he shares how he got not just financial freedom, but all five freedoms. As a real estate investor, restaurant owner, and police officer, he will share with us his motivations behind his love for working with the community and helping others succeed in life. Let’s jump right in and learn how to be free!

[00:01 – 11:20] Opening Segment

  • I introduce Maurice Philogene to the show
    • Quick chat with Maurice
  • Maurice’s money culture growing up
    • Working a full-time job and saving up
  • Maurice shares his higher educational background and what prepared him for his future
    • Mechanical engineering, air force ROTC, and football varsity
    • Greatly influenced by a book on personal finance

[11:21 – 17:13] Maurice’s Micro Empires

  • How being a national guard gave Maurice the opportunity to start an investing career
  • The five freedoms
    • Financial, time, geographic, purpose, and relationship
  • Maurice shares how he started his micro empires and achieved his freedoms

[17:14 – 28:06] Being a Police Officer and a Person of Color

  • How being a police officer made an impact on Maurice
    • Meaningful way of impacting the local community
  • Maurice shares what it takes to be a police officer
  • Maurice’s take on the George Floyd incident
  • How the police should be viewed as a community protector
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[28:07 – 35:42] Traveling Not As Tourists

  • Maurice shares the importance of travel and how it helped his micro empires
    • Complete immersion with local communities in countries with different socio-economic issues and cultures
    • Consumerism as a block to financial freedom
  • How traveling has changed my worldview
  • Maurice shares how he managed traveling continuously

[35:43 – 43:16] Closing Segment

  • What is Maurice up to now?
    • Articulating these 5 freedoms through Quattro Capital
    • Connect with Maurice through the links below
  • Breaking the cycle with freedom of purpose
    • Seeking out and making connections
  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes:

“(being a cop) is a very unique way to impact your community with a significant amount of authority, assuming it’s used the right way.” – Maurice Philogene

“Instead of law enforcement, as if we’re constantly hammering down on people, I wish it would say ‘community protector’.” – Maurice Philogene

“When you go to other countries, typically, people are doing more of the work-to-live than the live-to-work mindset. They don’t need as many things as we seem to need here to be happy.” – Maurice Philogene

Resources Mentioned:

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