Today I will be sharing with you the first steps I took in building my micro empire. As we go through this episode, we’ll also be tackling the theme “to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.” Do you want to know more? Let’s get started.

Let’s dive right in and find out how I started and built my micro empire.

[00:01 – 02:44] Opening Segment

  • Talk briefly about the things you can take advantage of in this episode
  • I encourage you to listen to the first few episodes of my podcast to know the context of where my story is at
  •  A recap of how my journey began
  • The three goals I set in 2013
    • Make my full-time job a micro empire
    • Increase my streams of revenue by building my art business
    • Learn how to invest and grow my money

[02:45 – 23:37] The First Steps to Making My Micro Empire

  • 1: Find or build a tribe of like-minded people
    • Learn as much as you can from them
    • Don’t be afraid of being the dumbest person in the room
  • 2: Use the investment tools I already have
  • 3: Be comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • 4: Take action
    • Not taking action is worse than making a mistake, which is tricky, because humans tend to hesitate
  • 5: Live below your means

[23:38 – 25:02] Takeaways for this episode

  • Learn from my mistakes
  • You are the only person responsible for your financial wellbeing
  • Secure your investments when you can
  • Maximize the benefits of your 401k

[25:03 – 27:34] Closing Segment

  • Resources that I would like to leave with you
    • Speak with your 401k administrator and learn about your loans. Do as much research as you possibly can.
    • Research about acquiring a HELOC on your primary home of residence
    • Join an investors’ group
    • Find your tribe (like-minded people)
  • Final words from me

Tweetable Quotes:

“If you can’t give up things that make you comfortable, maybe it’s that high car payment or a high house payment or trips to Fiji, or whatever it is, I would argue you’re probably not gonna be able to build wealth.” – Jennifer Ives Grimson

“There’s nothing worse than taking no action; taking no action is worse than making a mistake.” – Jennifer Ives Grimson

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