Welcome back to the Micro Empires Podcast! I’m your host, Jennifer Ives Grimson. Today I had the pleasure of speaking with the incredible Mignon Francois. She is the Founder and CEO of The Cupcake Collection (TCC), a woman of God who started a multi-million dollar company off of $5 and faith.

In this episode we will get inspired by her passion to sow the seeds, the power of asking, believing in faith and taking small actions.

[00:01 – 15:45] Opening Segment

  • I introduced Mignon to the show and how we met.
  • Mignon talks about her background and her family
    • Her childhood life and struggles
    • Lessons she got from her mother
    • Culture of money
  • Tithing Culture in her life and family

[15:46 – 24:45]  The beginning of her motherhood journey

  • Mignon talks about how she found out that she was pregnant at 17 and her life journey ever since
    • She talks about the changes her baby made within her family.
  • The struggle of being a mother and finish her degree
    • She graduated in 9 years with 5 children
    • How the marriage ended because of a huge gap in their culture of money
  • Being blessed to be blessings for others

[24:46 – 32:50]  Culture of Money in Marriage

  • I talk about the culture of money and how it affects relationships.
  • Mignon talks about her kids natural financial understandings
    • How her first daughter always prioritized family
    • Her youngest son financial understandings and compounding interest
  • Working together with her family to Invest for their future

[32:51 – 38:35] The Power of asking God

  • Mignon shares the story of how a mortgage company wanted to take her house
  • Mignon talks about getting help from other people
    • Her conversation with Dave Ramsey, and Chris Hogan to help her finding the solution
  • Mignon got to a point when her only option is to pray and ask God.
    • Trials comes to make your strong and make patients grow
    • Humbled herself to declare that she was in a mess in front of God
    • The mortgage company suddenly changed their mind and refinanced her house

[38:36 – 45:59 ] Her Cupcake story

  • Mignon shares how she got the ideas about starting her cupcake shop, without any resource or skill at the first place
    • Change the world one cupcake at a time by obeying God
  • Mignon talks about her struggles and journey in the beginning of her cupcake-selling business
    • She had customers when the store was not even open yet
    • Receiving consistent ordering basis, consistent following

[46:00 – 56:59] Do something different, to get something different

  • Mignon talks about her breakthrough to get something different
  • Mignon shares her first success story in the cupcake shop
    • She received a big amount of order when she sat in the dark with only $5 and made 600 pcs by the end of the week
  • We talk about breaking the culture of Shame around money
  • Generational curse and blessings

[01:00:00 – 01:09:44] Being the Seed Sower and grow people

  • Mignon talks about her passion in helping others and growing people
    • Tells a story about Tanisha her right hand and how she introduce her to instagram and facebook and how she sent her to soar
    • Tanisha asks for the opportunity, that’s why she got it
    • Honour people works equals their pay
  • Being a seed sower
    • You don’t have to wait for the opportunity arise ,but create the opportunity for yourself
  • Building a family culture in your company
    • Always expect greatness

[01:09:45 – 01:13:04 ] Closing Segment

  • Mignon’s personal mission in life
    • Leave joy for all of the people who experience mignon francois
    • Being blessings for others
  • How to get more from Mignon?
    • See links below
  • Final words from me

Tweetable Quotes:

“We ask God for such little things, and He says, I want to give you MORE!

stop asking me for what i’ve already given you the ability to do on the inside  of yourself!

Ask me for what you can not do!”- Mignon Francois

“Everyone else will do the same things before you, with their own way.  But God is asking you to do it your way, so when you put your own spin on it, it’s going to be a whole different sermon”- Mignon Francois

“Mistakes are necessary to get you from where you are to where you want to be”- Mignon Francois

“Success is not what you get, is what you give.”- Mignon Francois

Resources Mentioned:

If you’d like to connect with Mignon you can find her on Facebook, and Instagram. Learn more about Mignon and the Cupcake collection at https://www.thecupcakecollection.com/

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