Everyone has the ability to change and be a productive member of society. All they need is the right environment and the right push to help them find their place.

Welcome back to part two of our interview with Jordan Harbinger! Today, we are going to continue talking about the Jordan Harbinger Show, and how trust and vulnerability play a crucial role in building and strengthening your audience. Jordan will also talk about his experiences in helping inmates and the gravity of the lost potential in them. Listen until the end to catch my story about Gavin De Becker, another listener feedback, and some outtakes that prove that I’m still human!

[00:01 – 06:34] Opening Segment

  • I welcome back Jordan to the show
  • The Jordan Harbinger show
  • Trust and having a listener feedback
    • Why the curated fake vulnerability in social media doesn’t work

[06:35 – 14:12] The Potential in Prison

  • Jordan shares about the wasted human potential in prison
  • Having a birthday in prison and helping inmates with their resumes
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[14:13 – 16:57] Gavin De Becker

  • I share how I got introduced to Gavin De Becker and his book
  • Quick fun chat with Jordan

[16:58 – 24:46] Listener Feedback

  • I share tips on building your credit score and history
    • Finding a family member or a friend who can add you as an additional signer
    • Go to your boss and qualify for a corporate credit card
    • Submitting an expense report together with the booking receipts
  • Keep monitoring your score through Credit Karma

Tweetable Quotes:

“I would much rather do business with somebody that I trust but I didn’t necessarily like them because they were a little obnoxious or whatever, because I trust them.” – Jordan Harbinger

“It’s like a holding chamber of wasted human potential that’s just sitting there, and nobody’s doing anything with it. They’re just trying to keep those guys from getting killed by other guys.” – Jordan Harbinger

You can find out more about Jordan Harbinger by visiting www.JordanHarbinger.com and his podcast The Jordan Harbinger Show. You can also get into his 6-minute networking course through www.JordanHarbinger.com/course.

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